1955 to present
1858 - 1954
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President: Lucille Black LaRue
Vice President: Alice Feeney Ackley
Recording Secretary: Debi Sprague Lovelady
Treasurer: Gayle Kilton Sprague
Webmaster: Roger Hall

The Alumni Association is gathering updated mailing addresses for all classes. Please send your name and current mailing address to one of the officers, or click here to submit your address. We want to be able to send mailings to as many alums as possible. Thank you!

Notes from the 2014 reunion

The oldest graduate: Roberta Sawyer from the class of 1943.
The youngest graduate: Penny Tibbets Maker from the class of 1989
The class with the largest percentage of attendance: The class of 1946 with 33%.
The graduates who traveled the greatest distance: Donald Albee from the class of 1954.  He lives in Cedar Park, TX

Donations from the alumni association to MMHS during 2014:

$200 full page congratulatory ad in the 2014 Margaretta

Expand video surveilance system to gym and Building Trades building $1700.00

Purchased a wireless mike for the gym at a cost of $220.00

Purchased various books and supplies for the library at a cost of $553.93


For the second year, MMHS has awarded diplomas to
eligible veterans who had to leave high school in order to
serve in the military during war times. This year since there were seven recipients, it was decided to hold a special ceremony. The ceremony was held on May 31st, 2003 in
the Rose M. Gaffney gymnasium.  More....
Alumni Association Scholarships

$250 Scholarships awarded
to members of the 2014 class:

This website was established in honor of Marian Bagley using a $100 donation from her daughter, Mary Ann.
The classes to be honored
at this reunion are:

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The next Machias Memorial High School reunion will be held
August 8, 2015

                                         Kangan Scanlon
Ryley Gray
Jodie Wood
Luke Hatch
Brooke Beal

July 1, 2011
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The class of 1962 donated $400 to the scholarship fund in memory of their deceased classmates