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 President: Sherry Foss Michell
 Vice President: Lucille Black LaRue
 Secretary: vacant
 Treasurer: Gayle Kilton Sprague
Webmaster: John Michell
The Alumni Association has approved scholarship applications for the following graduates of the class of 2017:

Reagan Bragg
Olivia Dinsmore
Veronica Green
Rebecca Greene
Camon Johnson
James Knox
Matthew Kocincki
Jessyka Moores

Cash scholarship awards will be granted upon satisfactory academic fulfillment.
This website was established in honor of Marian Bagley using a $100 donation from her daughter, Mary Ann.
The classes that will be honored
 at the August 2018 reunion
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80th year - 1938
70th year - 1948
60th year - 1958
50th year - 1968
40th year - 1978
30th year - 1988
25th year - 1993
20th year - 1998
10th year - 2008
+ class of 2018
Alumni Cookbook Project

​The collection of recipes by MMHS Alumni Members for future publication has been deferred, it may be resumed in the future. To date 35 recipes have been submitted by members. These will be kept on file for possible future use. THANK YOU.
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Welcome Alumni... This site provides multiple methods to search for alumni classmates. You can search alumni by name utilizing the 'search box' below. Or you can browse by class year by clicking on the 'Classes' banner above.
The NEXT reunion banquet and business meeting will be held AUGUST 11, 2018. Detailed information will be sent to MMHS alumni sometime in May 2018 !
The association needs volunteers to run for Association Officers! The Machias Memorial High School Alumni Association has been in existence for many years, but now is faltering due to lack of persons willing or able to serve as officers of the organization.​

MMHS Alumni Association will be losing three of its four current officers in August 2018, due to resignations. Elections for replacement officers will held at the August 11, 2018 annual meeting. Consequently, we are asking that some local alumni members consider offering their support to the Association by running for office in 2018.